Justina Hayes likes working hard and quiet nights at home.  Justin Case likes working hard and partying harder.  They met at college almost twenty years ago when Justin was Justina’s writing professor . . . and married.

Now, living together finally—thanks to god and her bulldozers—Justina and Justin are celebrating every minute, every friend, every stranger, every body part, every song, every chance to dance, every chance to ride . . . every opportunity to laugh, smile, and have fun—weather permitting, of course.

Justin Case—writing professor, business consultant, landlord, award-winning journalist, and experienced biker—has reported for three daily newspapers, published two books about writing, and lectured nationally.  He’s attended 26 motorcycle rallies and 15 Fantasy Fests.

He has hiked the Grand Canyon, played Rugby, and rigged a tall ship.  He cooks, irons, and sews.  He has recently cut a Chevy Lumina in half to haul for scrap.  He likes partying, not polishing his motorcycle, every nude beach, waking up in the morning, and . . . sex.

Justina Hayes—writing professor and published poet—teaches exploration, vulnerability, open mindedness, critical thinking, detachment, expansion, and the absolute right to be wrong.  She studies really cool literature by Steinbeck, Vonnegut, Burroughs, Blake, Shelley, Rand, and Jong.  She’s attended seven biker rallies and three Fantasy Fests.

She has helped raise kids, played co-ed volleyball, and survived bank robberies and bomb threats.  To get over her fear of flying, she went skydiving.  She shoots pool, camps, and doesn’t mind getting dirty.  She likes partying, the wind in her hair, beaches, bubble baths, broomsticks, birds, and . . . sex.

Justin and Justina live in Anyplace, Ohio.  Yeah, right?!  But who cares . . . their book isn’t about them . . . it’s about YOU!  Why you choose to limit your experiences. Why you say, “I can’t.”  Why you believe, “I could never . . .”

For reading their book, they caution:  “Wear comfortable shoes!”

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