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Perhaps you celebrated with us on Duval Street this past week at the best party on the planet . . . Key West’s FANTASY FEST!  If so, we hope you caught Justin in his purple cock sock as described in this excerpt from Chapter Nine of Act III . . .

Justin broke out his brand new, sheer at all times, purple cock sock—a Fantasy Fest first for Justin.  His accessories included his venerated purple velour pimp hat with the stitched-on plastic Cadillac emblem, purple snakeskin cowboy boots, and silver metallic short-sleeved shirt with the super fly collar, all of which he chose because, after all, those accessories had each worked so well year after year after year.

With two “storage” compartments, the cock sock is labeled as such because, well, that’s how it literally functions—not lifting and separating but  separating  and  hanging  down, limp . . . until . . . perhaps . . .

Well anyway, the lower, wider compartment of the cock sock is dedicated to shrouding and supporting the scrotum.  The narrow, longer compartment higher up fits over the penis . . . like a snug tube sock . . . or a condom made of transparent purple nylon—extremely high thread count.

“Very liberating!”  Justin, in delight, reported to Justina.  “Finally, everything isn’t all scrunched up together.  I can really feel the breeze!”  Then Justin added, “But next year, I think I’ll get the extra-large size.  This one’s a bit constricting.  Know what I mean?”

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . la, la, la . . . “Sexy and I Know It”  (LMFAO)

As Justin and Justina started on foot up Duval Street, Justin stopped multiple times to explain the uniqueness of his newly acquired, see-through cock sock to onlookers’ intrigued or aghast or laughing or pointing . . . or aiming a cell phone camera.

“I got it at Walmart!” Justin explained.  “But they only had it in purple.”

Really?!” several onlookers expressed, thoughtfully . . . without thinking.

It was astounding the number of people who believed Justin’s claim.

“It sure is a lot of fun to put on,” Justin would add with a quick wink to an onlooker before moving on.

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