Justin Case, the Story Inn’s “Village Idiot 2015” winner, appears as “Invisible” author on WTHR Ch. 13.  As you’ll see in the clip below, our book cover had to be censored . . . AGAIN!  This pattern hit us upside the head with a 2×4.  We need a book cover that we can actually advertise without covering up the artwork.  Justin’s customized brown paper bag impelled us in the following new direction . . .  What if we were to cover the censorable features of our book cover with . . .

We are indebted to Kevin Rader and his WTHR Ch. 13 team for putting together a superbly crafted segment that aired three times the week of May 6th and may be included in Rader’s special in June.  Of course, we are also indebted to Rader and his team for the close up of our—again compromised—book cover.

Oh yeah . . . we are also indebted to the creators of Justin’s brown paper bag mask.  The mask was designed by a Story Inn waitress and a random motorcycle chick who arrived at the Story Inn . . . for Justin Case . . . just in time.


Speaking of quality Village-Idiot moments, here’s an excerpt from Chapter Eleven . . .

“Good moanin’!” Justin announced.

“Where are you?” Justina giggled.

“On the road, and laughing!  I’m hauling the trailer to the Boogie to get my bike.  So, I’m maximizing this opportunity for uninterrupted conversation with you.”

“The Boogie ended two weeks ago.”

“You right!  But we haven’t talked since before that weekend.  The bike experienced a mechanical failure.  I had to leave it there.”

“For two weeks?” Justina asked.

“Well, the day after da Boogie, I drove back to the campground with the trailer to get the bike, but the campground was closed.  The owners of the campground had duct-taped a piece of cardboard on the gate.  It read:  ‘On vacation.  Back in two weeks.’  I guess da Boogie is kinda rough on them, too.”

“I can imagine!  But what happened to your bike?”

“It’s a Yamaha!  It wouldn’t start on Saturday after it had rained.  Got out the tools and circuit tester.  Determined the starter solenoid was fried.  But that was mostly a guess.  So I went to the swap tent where vendors sell used and hard to find motorcycle parts, and some guy was selling a starter solenoid from a 1979 Ford F-150 straight six.  I thought:  ‘I’m very familiar with this particular part.  I think I could make this work.’  After an hour or so, I had the bike running.”

“Really?!  Using a truck part?!”

“Yeah, but then I did a dumb thing.  I didn’t think to disconnect the battery on the bike overnight, just as a precaution.  The next morning, the battery had drained, so the bike wouldn’t start again.  And it was starting to rain again, so Mimi said:  ‘I have to be at work tomorrow.  Just leave the bike here overnight, and come back tomorrow with the trailer.’  So that’s what we did. . . .  Except the campground was closed the next day.”

“Doesn’t anything ever go the way it’s supposed to for you?”

“Not if it involves motorcycles and camping and weather and alcohol and music and . . . naked women.  There’s a Molly Hatchet song that goes . . .”

“I know it.  It’s one of my favorites.”

“Imagine that!  But anyway, I’m gonna ask you a question that I never thought I ever would ask you.”

“Really?!  Another one of those?!”

“Hell yes!  Okay . . . here it is . . . ahem:  ‘Hey Justina, you wanna go to da Boogie with me?’”

“Absofuckinlutely!  Like you always say, ‘Maximize the moment!’”

“Okay!  Let’s just keep talking, and I’ll let you know when we get there.  I think you’ll like it.  You’ll have fun!”

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